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Acupuncture & Homéopathie
à Paris

Cabinet médical

Dr DAU Quang Luong
224, Avenue du Maine

75014  Paris

Tel. 01 40 44 80 82



The specialties praticed in our clinic

 Acupuncture and Moxibustion
 Traditional Chinese Medicine

 Handy Medicine:
    Energetic Massage


Medical Hypnose



 General Medicine


      THE INDICATIONS OF THE ACUPUNCTURE AND MOXIBUSTION            Doctor Quang-Luong DAU acupuncturist at Paris


§        All kind of pains      

§        Whiplash, Pains of spine, Lumbago.

§        Migraine, Headache.

§        Neuralgias :  

 Ø     Intercostal neuralgia

 Ø     Neuralgia of the arm, of the knee, of the foot, of the leg

 Ø     Sciatic neuralgia

 Ø     Toothache

 Ø     Trigeminal neuralgia.       

§        Herpes zoster (painful aftermaths).

§        Rheumatic or Arthritic pain :     

 Ø     of neck spine, of dorsal spine, of lumbar spine, of sacrococcygeal spine.

 Ø     of knee joint

 Ø     of hip

 Ø     of the elbow, of the wrist, of the ankles.

§        Duplay disease (myositis ossificans of the shoulder) ;

§        Tenovaginitis (Inflammation of the sheath of tendon).       

§        Torticollis, Muscular contractures and cramps.

§        Sporting trauma :

 Ø     Sinewy-muscular elongation and rip

 Ø     Tennis elbow

 Ø     Sprains  

§        Circular difficulty of the legs

§        Haemorrhoid

§        Cardiovascular pathologies :

 Ø     Arterial Hypertension

 Ø    Arterial Hypotension

 Ø     Arrhythmy

 Ø     Venous insufficiency

 Ø     Obliterating arteritis of the legs

§        Bronchial asthma, Allergic illness

§        Rhinitis of hay, Chronic rhinitis, Sinusitis

§        Bronchitis (acute, chronic, seasonal)

§        Gastro-duodenal ulcers

§        Colitis or Spastic enterocolitis

§        Ulcerous hemorrhagic colitis

§        Nausea, Vomiting,  Nausea and Vomiting during pregnancy

§        Constipation, Diarrhea

§       Abdominal distending

§        Hiccup

§       Hepatic insufficiency

§        Dizziness, Buzz, Hearing deficiency

§        Mental anorexia

§        Anxiety, Jumpiness, Insomnia

§        Nervous breakdown, neurasthenia

§        Paralyze "a frigor" (faccial, ulnar, sciatic)

§        Troubles of the menstruation :

 Ø     Amenorrhoea

 Ø     Algo-Dysmenorrhoea

 Ø     Irregular menstruations

 Ø     Metrorrhage

 Ø     Menorrhage.

§        Troubles of the menopause (puffs of heat ...)

§        Obesity, Cellulitis, Water retention

§        Pathologies of the breasts:

 Ø     Mastitis

 Ø     Mastosis.

§        Uro-genital pathologies:

 Ø     Adnexitis

 Ø     Leukorrhea

 Ø     Frigidity

 Ø     Impotence

 Ø     Chronic cystitis

 Ø     Dysuria

 Ø     Enuresis

§        Calculus (hepatic, renal).

§        Acne

§        Fall of hair

§        Alopecia

§        Dermatologic pathologies:

 Ø     Eczema

 Ø     Hives

 Ø     Psoriasis

§        Bad positions of the fetus

§        Insufficient lactation

§        Tobacco addiction